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There is more information about Helena's patterns,  including where each one was published, on Ravelry


Some patterns are available for purchase on Ravelry or from Love Knitting


Siccar point - Six different 2x2 rib patterns, and a roll of the dice to choose which one.
Cawfields - Top down sock, mirrored cables and half-handkerchief heel.
To the Ocean - Top down sock, with memorable pattern repeat and a sideways toe.

for feet ...

for hands ...

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for home ...

Go Faster - Lengthwise stripes created using slip stitch patterns.  The mitts have an “afterthought” thumb, with no thumb gusset.
Cragside gloves - A lace fern pattern; gloves with fingers or tipless.
Upland Meadow  - Almost a traditional Norwegian style mitten, ideal for handspun yarn.
Paxton Rose - Traditional Scandinavian-style rose pattern. Wear as a beanie or get the slouchy look by leaving the brim unfolded.
Leaf on the Lines - A snug beanie with a striking raised leaf pattern.  Worked in the round, from brim to crown.
Limestone Pavement - Wear some geology! Includes comfortable folded stocking stitch brim.
Swirl Set - i-cords and a striking clasp feature in this necklace and bracelet set.
Deco CD clock - Add an old CD and a clock kit to some knitting in the round.
Cocoon - Sumptuous, cushioned protection for your device.